xManager APK vs SpotX

I know it is tough to find something that matches your intention. You are here to read the comparison of these two apps, xManager Spotify APK vs SpotX. These apps are used for Spotify. However, there are some requirements to install these apps. Requirements are discussed below.

After installation, these apps allow you to listen to ad-free music from Spotify. No ads interrupting, unlimited skips you can do, download your favorite tracks. Offline playback and more premium features of Spotify, can be used after installing these apps.

xManager Spotify Mod APK

xManager is an Android application not available on PlayStore and AppStore. It is available on third-party sites. It doesn’t mean this app is harmful to your Android device. I researched on xManager Spotify Mod APK and found this app completely safe. You can easily download this app from any trusted source. I’m also a user of this app i like the UI (user interface) of this app.

The developer of this app made this app user-friendly. Using this app you can use the premium features of Spotify, without spend a penny. You can listen ads free music, no skips limit, unlimited downloads, offline listening and more premium features of Spotify

Download xManager Spotify APK
Size9.70 MB


  • Using xManager, you can install any Spotify version (from old to new).
  • Easy way to install or uninstall the Spotify app.
  • The manager app has a simple user-friendly interface with so many themes.
  • Able to hide the navigation bar.
  • Lightweight manager.
  • High audio quality almost (320kbps).


 The best thing about xManager APK, you don’t need any high-quality mobile device to use this app. This app is lightweight but if it doesn’t work on your smartphone then try different versions of xManager.


SpotX is an app for Windows. SpotX patcher is used for patching the desktop version of Spotify.SpotX blocks all the automatic updates.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7-11
  • Spotify: latest official versions
  • For Windows Desktop only (Microsoft Store version is not suitable).
  • PowerShell: version 5 and above recommended


  • Blocks all banner, video, and audio ads in the client
  • Hiding podcasts, episodes, and audiobooks from the homepage (optional)
  • Block Spotify automatic updates (optional)
  • More experimental features have been activated
  • Disabled sentry’s console log/error/warning messages to Spotify developers, halted user interaction logging, eliminated right-to-left CSS rules for simplification, and performed code modification

How to Install SpotX

CharacteristicsSpotX xManager Spotify APK
Latest Commit2 months ago40 days ago
This method is also working now


In this article, I discussed about xManager Spotify Mod APK vs SpotX. This is a comparison article between two apps. These apps are good, but my favorite is the xManager Spotify APK. I’m also a user of xManager Mod APK. 

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