Older versions of xManager Spotify APK

In this case, most people prefer the older versions. The xManager allows you to install the older or newer versions of Spotify suitable for your smartphones.

Discussed below how to download Older versions of xManager APK.

 Current version5.4
Size9.70 MB
 Last UpdatedApril, 08, 2024

How to Download xManager Older Versions

Many mobile devices do not support the latest version. That’s why most of the people go through with older versions. When any new update is launched there may be a possibility of having a bug or problem in it. For this purpose, most people use older versions. If you download the older version let’s discuss in points.

  • Go to your mobile device Settings, and enable Unknown Sources.
  • Download the older version link provided in this article.
  • Simply install, launch, and use it.
To download older versions of xManager you can allow the unknown sources

Older Versions of xManager

  Version 4.7 :

  • Updated Serbian (Cyrillic) Translation (Thanks nexiRS!)
  •  Updated Serbian (Latin) Translation (Thanks nexiRS!)
  •  Updated Traditional Chinese Translation (Thanks TragicLifeHu!)
  •  Added Cached Data Boot Up Check (This automatically fixes the latest version and listview bug)
  •  Added Cookies and User-Agent in Download Manager
  •  Reworked Initial Optimization Load Time
  •  Fixed Cloned Version Upgrade and Signature Checker
  •  Fixed Experimental Cloned Version Upgrade and Signature Checker
  •  Fixed Patched Titles (To avoid confusion)
  •  Some Internal Optimizations and Improvements

 Version 4.6 : 

  • Added Refetch and Reboot (Settings)
  •  Removed VPN Detection
  •  Removed CPU/ARCH Information
  •  Patched Information Changed
  •  Some Texts Changed
  •  Some Animations Changed
  •  Some Layout Adjusted
  •  Some List Views Removed and Reworked
  •  Minor Optimizations and Improvements


I know it’s very difficult to explore older versions of xManager. In this article, I’m providing you links to older versions of xManager. Also, I have described the characteristics of older versions, now you may read it or download the version that you want to download or install.

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