xManager Spotify APK Mod v5.5 Latest Download 2024

I understand the feeling, when you play your favorite songs on Spotify you can face Ads during the song. As always I am listening to songs on Spotify, and I realize that there are a lot of restrictions in the basic Spotify version. I’m doing some research on Spotify APK, and I find there are two versions of Spotify. Free version and the Premium One.

In the free version, you have a limit to skip songs in an hour, facing ads. In Spotify’s free version, the audio quality is (Almost 160 kbps). You can’t listen to offline songs. You can’t download tracks for offline listening.

But in Premium Spotify APK, there are no ads for interrupting your songs. You have unlimited skips, Shuffle, and Repeat. The audio quality in the Premium version (Almost 320 kbps). You can download music for offline listening. You will find everything you need to know about xManager Spotify APK in this article

xManager APK Spotify app

xManager APK: What is it?

xManager APK is the Android app used to download different versions of the Spotify app. But if you download the standard version you have a lot of restrictions. This APK unlocks restrictions for the free version of Spotify. 

It means you don’t need to worry about ads, during your ideal songs. Using this app you have more amazing options, like skipping songs limitless. The standard version of Spotify doesn’t allow you to skip unlimited songs.

This app installs Spotify apps on your Android devices. Certified Spotify or cracked ones too with premium features. You can also customize the Spotify app by adding a new theme and changing the logo, or identify the already designed interface for your Spotify. 

 Why do people use xManager Spotify Modified App?

I think for many reasons people choose the Xmanager Spotify mod app. One of the reasons is that a modified app allows the user to access the premium features without paying a single penny. However, a certain number of users should be happy to buy subscriptions for Spotify APK. Some of them are not able to afford it or do not want to spend money on music streaming platforms.

Another reason why people choose to use modified apps is because they exclude some of the limitations on certain features. As an example, the original Spotify app only allows free users to shuffle-play songs. Still, the mod app removes the restrictions, allowing me to listen to any song in any sequence.

Addly, some users are more attracted to the interface of the mod app over the standard app. The mod app presents additional customization options or a different layout, making it more user-friendly for the users. Concerning myself, I would admire having more control over settings and appearance.

As you know, this is the best music-streaming platform worldwide and has many competitors. 

The update is necessary for developers but not usually all the time. People with old-generation processors can’t use Spotify or their new features. Thus, they need to downgrade the versions but it’s not possible without using any other third-party application like xManager.

xManager Latest APK v5.5

Size9.7 MB


What’s new in v5.5

  • Updated Portuguese Translation (Thanks Androide323!)
  • Updated Latvian Translation (Thanks gatesbydude!)
  •  Removed Wave Patched
  •  Addition of Light Themes
  •  Fixed Clear Directory Folder
  • Some Optimizations are improved

How to install xManager app on my Android device?

If you search for this third-party app on the Play Store or an App Store, You will not find anything about this app. It doesn’t mean it is harmful to your device, I know it’s a third-party app but it’s safe. You can easily install this app from any third-party page.

Also if you don’t know how to install this app then chill out, I can mention the installation process one by one. Follow these steps and you can install xManager Spotify APK without any issues. You can install any APK with the same process, such as games Minecraft APK and others you want.

  • First of all, download the mod app and the link given up.
  • Now open the file manager to install the app.
  • Once the app is installed open the app, The app will ask for some storage, and installation permissions allow it.
  •  Spotify Premium APK Patch Selection, The xManager app provides a list of patches for different Spotify Premium Features. Go through the choices and pick the ones you want.
  • You will select a Spotify version to patch, Choose the latest version available, and click the download button.
  •  After the download is completed, click on install patched.
  • Excellent work! You have successfully installed the xManager Premium APK, Now log in to your Spotify account and enjoy unlimited ad-free  Music and songs.
xManager  Allow unknown sources

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xManager Spotify Mod’s Features:

The xManager Mod APK is packed with features that make it the best option for music fans. There are some features you are predicted in this app.

Ad-Free Music

Ads disturb your music a lot but one of the main features of xManager Spotify Premium APK is to block ads. Dissimilar to the normal Spotify app, which has occasional audio and visual ads, xManager allows free listening without ads. Users can easily enjoy their favorite songs without facing any ads.

xManager User interface

Unlimited Skips

The xManager Premium gives you complete control, A typical Spotify app allows you a limited number of skips per hour. The limit is removed in xManager Spotify Premium APK, allowing unlimited skips. Even you can skip through tracks and explore different albums or playlists.

High-Quality Audio Streaming

The users of the xManager Premium app can listen to songs in high-quality audio, While normal Spotify compresses the audio quality to save data. xManager Spotify allows you to listen to songs of high quality.  This option is beneficial for every music lover.

No Root Required 

xManager APK has no restrictions, you can use it on rooted or non-rooted devices. This means you can use xManager if you don’t have a rooted device. You don’t need to do any complicated process, you can easily enjoy the music. 

Offline Playback

This is one of the best options I liked in the xManager Premium APK. You can use this feature to download music, Once you download your favorite music, albums, or playlists on your Android’s storage you can play it without an internet connection. This is very useful for those who live in places where internet facilities are less or not available.

Unlimited Downloads

The xManager allows you unlimited downloads. This is my personalized favorite feature, that xManager Premium APK offers. I can download unlimited music, albums, or playlists without restrictions. Or add them to my music collections with no limit. 

No Country Restrictions

The xManager is not country-specified. Unlike the standard Spotify app with country restrictions on specific tracks, albums, or playlists. xManager provides complete access to music libraries worldwide. Now discover music around the world without boundaries.

Enhanced User Interface

The user-friendly and straightforward layout of the xManager Spotify Premium App makes easy exploration. I thanked xManager’s well-designed and pleasing interface. You can explore your music library, You can also create playlists and find music easily. 

Benefits of xManager for APK

Download Spotify

You can download the latest or find the old versions of Spotify, In one single search. Which is a library of all updates.

International songs

Using the International Mod app, you can listen the music that wasn’t for you before. Now it can be in your playlist.


It doesn’t slow down your device, It is a lightweight app that consumes less RAM. That helps you to keep the app on your mobile device for a long time.

Easy to Understand

The process of installing Spotify through xManager is too easy. You only need to search and download the relevant results.

No Advertisement 

This app is free of ads, you may not worry about advertisements or survey web pages. Explore this app freely without any spam alerts.


Free Premium Features.
Access to Spotify paid features.
No Monthly Subscription.

No Restrictions:


Legal Issues.
Security Risks.
Updates and Support.

Is xManager Spotify APK safe?

In World-Wide-Web there are a lot of mod apps available, but it’s possible they are risky for my Android device. As a user of a free version, I’m really irritated with the restrictions. I want to use Premium features without paying for any subscription. 

Then I researched and found xManager Spotify Mod APK. This mod version provides me with all premium features without paying for a subscription. Now I can listen to high-quality music on bit rates of 320kbs, without any ads. I can download free music for offline listening, Even for free users this app can remove music shuffle restrictions. 

At the start, I was uncomfortable downloading any kind of mod apps, I’m worried about safety issues. Then I did a lot of research and found xManager Spotify APK safe. I downloaded this app from a trusted source, and I haven’t faced any problems so far.


At xmanagerapk.pro, we take copyright infringement seriously. That means we respect the creative work of others and follow the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), a law that protects copyright online.

If you believe someone has uploaded something to our website that belongs to you (like a picture or video), we want to hear about it! Just contact us and we’ll look into it. We follow the DMCA’s notice and takedown process outlined in Section 512


  1. First open your smartphone’s browser (like, Google Chrome, Opera, or Firefox) search xManager Spotify APK, and download it.
  2. Once the file is downloaded now open the app and install it.

Yes, xManager is an app used to download all versions of the Spotify app.

Yes, you can uninstall the xManager app now. It can’t affect your mod.

Spotify Lite is a simple version that consumes less storage, data, and battery.

It depends on where you can download the file, I’m using the latest version without facing any issues.

A customized version of Spotify, which allows you to use mod features for free.

Spotify was founded by Daniel EK and Martin Lorentzon. Spotify started with a small start-up in Stockholm, Sweden.