xManager Spotify APK Alternatives

I feel your pain, using the free version of Spotify you faced ads again and again. Most of the audience uses xManager Spotify Premium to use the mod features of Spotify. But if someone doesn’t want to use xManager Mod APK, I’ll discuss xManager Spotify Alternatives. 

Using related apps, you will able to stream, listen to ad-free music, and shuffle songs as many as you want. You can easily download music for offline listening with better quality. Most users don’t want to pay for a premium subscription, so this is the best solution for using premium features. These are the alternative apps of xManager.

1. BlackHole

This app allows high-quality audio streaming (320 kbps). The UI (user interface) of this app is easy to understand, and the developer of this app made me happy to make this app well-designed. You can listen to music with no ad interruption.

BlackHole APK

xManager APK vs BlackHole? Click here,


2. Spot X-Win

A multipurpose Ad-blocker for Spotify desktop application on Windows, MacOS, and Linux Platforms.

SpotX for windows logo

Download Spot X-Win

Last Updated29/12/2023
Developed bySPOT LLC

How to install Spot X Computer?


SpotX doesn’t support the Spotify client from the Microsoft Store, Close Spotify and run these commands in PowerShell.


Close Spotify, Run the following command on the Terminal.


SpotX doesn’t support the Spotify client from Snap, Close the Spotify and run the following command in the terminal.

3. Spotify AdBlock (Blockify)

There are a lot of audio ads interrupting your music, and you can’t be glad to listen to songs. But if you use this Chrome extension it will help you to listen to ad-free music.

Blockify ad blocker for Spotify chrome extension
  • Ad-free music: Blockify blocks and removes the audio ads from the Spotify web player.
  • Allowing you to listen to music without any ad interruptions.
  • Easy to use.
  • The simple is to, install the Blockify Chrome extension, The ad block automatically gets applied as soon as you visit the Spotify web.

4. SpotiFlyer

Using this app you can’t face any lagging, loading, or searching issues, easily listen to your favorite music. It allows you to download music directly, it’s a third-party app that is completely safe. 


  • This app allows you to download your favorite music easily.
  • You can convert your favorite songs in mp3 format.
  • Provide offline listening.
  • The UI (user interface) of this app is simple and effective.
  • No advertisements.
  • Spotify, Gaana, JioSaavn, and YouTube music are all supported.
  • Download songs with no ads.
Interface of Spotiflyer APK

Download SpotiFlyer APK

DeveloperShabinder Singh
App Size8.1 MB

Installing APK Procedure

  1. Download SpotiFlyer app. (Link given up)
  2. Open settings Go to security, and enable Unknown sources.
  3. Click the install button, APK should install in your app.
  4. Congrats! Now open the and Enjoy the music.

5. Spicetify

It’s a customization app for Spotify desktops. You can use Spicetify app to apply custom themes and add new features to enhance your experience. It’s like you can make up your Spotify.

Command line tool to customize the official Spotify client. Support Windows, Linux, and macOS


  • Change whole UI colors.
  • Inject CSS advanced customization.
  • Inject Extensions (Javascript script) to extend functionalities, manipulate UI, and control the player.
  • Inject Custom apps.
  • Remove bloated components to improve performance.

In this article, I’m discussing the alternatives of xManager. Details of these alternative apps are discussed above. I am talking about how to use these apps and how you can install the apps, explain the features of these apps… etc.

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