xManager vs BlockTheSpot

xManager Spotify APK 

xManager Spotify APK is used to download different versions of Spotify. You can use the premium features for free, such as unlimited skips, ads-free music, offline listening, Download tracks, and better audio quality (320kbps). 

xManager APK Key Features

  • Using xManager, you can install any Spotify version (from old to new).
  • Easy way to install or uninstall the Spotify app.
  • The manager app has a simple user-friendly interface with so many themes.
  • Able to hide the navigation bar.
  • Lightweight manager.
xmanager apk logo

Using xManager you don’t need to require any high-quality system. But if you download xManager, your mobile’s Android version is up to 5.0.

Activity 9.4
Latest CommitMay 05, 2024


BlockTheSpot is a desktop application designed to block ads on Windows (64-bit). It has some features. Unlocks all the premium features except download, Avoid Spotify Updates. Also, you don’t need to patch Spotify after every update. You can listen to every music for free but you can’t download it.

BlockTheSpot Features

  • Only for Windows.
  • Set and forget.
  • Blocks all banner/video/audio ads in the apps.
  • Retains friend, vertical video, and radio functionality.
  • Unlocks the skip function for any track.

If you want to use this app you have a PC required, this application is only for Windows (64-bit).

BlockTheSpot Logo
Activity 7.4
Latest Commit 1 month ago

Experimental features from developer mode

  • Click on the 2 dots in the top left corner of Spotify > Develop > Show debug window. Play around with the options.
  • Enable/disable the feature by yourself in real-time and on demand.
  • Choose old/new theme(YLX).
  • Enable the right sidebar.
  • Hide the upgrade button on the top bar.


This mod is for the Desktop Application of Spotify on Windows only and not the Microsoft Store version.


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